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At Seven People Systems, we work closely with Human Synergistics International to get you the world’s most thoroughly researched and widely used culture assessment for measuring organizational culture – The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®).

The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®)has been developed with more than 20 years of research using cutting edge survey technologies. It reveals what members collectively believe is expected of them and how those behavioral norms influence their engagement and effectiveness — ultimately providing an unmatched foundation for constructively changing organizational culture.

Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®)

The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®) is the world’s most thoroughly researched and widely used culture assessment for measuring organizational culture. The OCI goes beyond corporate culture, company culture, and workplace culture, as the cultural dimensions it measures apply to all types of organizations.

The result of more than 20 years’ research and now using the latest survey technology, the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) goes to the heart of your organisation’s cultural make-up. It reveals what you are really asking of your employees and how it affects their performance, motivation and job satisfaction – ultimately providing a foundation stone for achieving successful, sustainable cultural change.

Seven People Systems is associated with Human Synergistics International for nearly 15 years. Human Synergistics has had an international reputation for innovation in the field of organizational development for more than 45 years.

Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®)

Top Applications

Employee Engagement & Loyalty​

Assessing Purpose-Ready Culture

Facilitating Strategic Change

Building Organizational Effectiveness

Assessing Organizational Agility

Make the OCI part of your drive for change

The OCI is used and facilitated exclusively by people who have been prepared and accredited in its administration and interpretation. We offer two options:

  1. A qualified and experienced Human Synergistics consultant can help you to use the OCI and implement the cultural changes you seek. Simply contact us to get connected with a consultant who’s right for the organization.
  2. The entire change process can be led internally in your organization by arranging OCI accreditation for one or more change team members. This will ensure they have the skills to administer the OCI and identify appropriate levers to achieve long-term culture change.

Our Culture Quick-Start Program includes a thorough assessment of organizational culture and climate to support a facilitated planning session with a leadership team and/or change team.

If you would like to know more about the Organizational Culture Inventory, or any of our wide range of assessments, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.





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