7 Signs Your Team is Failing

Culture Transformation

High Performance Team teams are the result of strong leaders who provide direction and cultural norms for the teams to flourish. But sometimes things happen outside of the leader’s circle of influence and a lack of diversity of thought may render the team be too comfortable to innovate.

 While the causes of teams failing are aplenty, the symptoms are the most similar. Here are some symptoms and signs to look out for if your team is not productive.

People in the team don’t trust each other and their leader

Trust issue is the first step of any failure. If we can not trust our team we cannot work together. For a good and productive team, it is very necessary that we trust each other and our team leader.

Team members are unclear about their goals & roles within the team.

For the successful achievement of any goal, it is very much necessary that one can see it clear. There should be a very clear picture of the goal in mind of team members. Also, they should be completely aware about their roles to achieve that goal.

There’s more ME and less WE in the team

It is good to keep our point with the team one should not be so much bossy. When we work with a team, we should try to understand each other. In a team there is no place for me but try to work together with coordination.

People in the team are uncomfortable in confronting conflict & handling it constructively

When we work in a team it is natural to get conflicts but we should try to handle conflicts in a constructive way. Team members should respect each other’s feelings and thoughts. Team members try to find a middle way when a conflict occurs.

Members ‘don’t call out’ behaviors that do not support the team performance

Team members do not leave the behaviors that are hurdles in the team performance. Team members try to change such behaviors and habits that can affect the team performance and bonding of the team.

Individuals fail to take ownership to improve in areas where the team fails

We can get failures, its natural but when does not take responsibility of improvement there’s a problem. Team members try to analyze and take responsibility to improve the areas where team fails.

Member fail to treat each other with equal respect and fairness.

When we work in a team it is very much necessary that we provide everybody an equal chance and treat each other with equal respect. Giving importance to only some members can break the team and that affects team performance.