Team Confidence Report™


This TCR is designed with more than two decades of research over a dozen industries globally. The report is aimed at assessing the causal factors that make teams perform sustainably at high levels. The causal factors are also levers for change, in that, they help team leaders and members to assess the gaps and work on bridging them using appropriate interventions. The Team Confidence Report aims at assessing what it takes to help teams perform sustainably high in the new millennium.

Applications of TCR

  • When you inherit a new team
  • Team Building Offsite
  • Goal Setting & Alignment Workshop
  • When you are forming a new team
  • When you want to re-assess team confidence after 6-12 months
Team Confidence Report™



To what extent is there trust amongst the members of the team and what is the nature of relationships members share with each other in the team.


To what extent are people communicating with each other; how frequently and how authentically are the members reaching out to each other.


To what extent is the team clear about the purpose, direction & roles. How well does each member of the team fit in and align with the rest of the team and its goals.

What are the Benefits?

  • Its easy to use and is designed with multiple language capabilities.
  • You can assess the progress of your team with a Before vs. After Comparison Report.
  • Completely confidential and quick reporting.
  • Helps you compare your team to global team norms
  • Comes with a starter kit that helps you look at post-assessment action plans.

Who can use this?

You can use this assessment tool to measure confidence levels of any of the following teams:

  • Executive Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Virtual Teams
  • Intact Functional Teams
  • Academic Teams
  • Any Homogenous / Heterogeneous Teams
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