Strategy Execution Consulting

What is Strategy Execution?

Strategy Execution is the process of implementing organisational strategy. Implementing organisational strategy is done by clarifying & aligning organisational goals to its resources in ways that deliver results. Effectively executing strategy is core to organisational success.


How do you effectively execute strategy?

We use OKRs as an agile framework for strategy execution. Our team of highly experienced and certified OKR practitioners bring simple tools and technology at your fingertips. Seven People Systems is a leader for strategy execution in India.



Why is Strategy Execution so important?

Less than 5% employees in most organisations know the company goals.

More than 80% leaders believe execution is more important than strategy

More than 75% strategists say they don’t have the tools/skills for implementation.

What are the components of Strategy Execution?

OKR Framework

Focus On Priority

Our Strategy Execution Consulting begins with your leadership team. We to understand the strategic intent of the organisation and align them to the annual goals using the OKR Framework.  Implementing your strategy begins with creating laser focus on your strategic priorities. This is the starting points for strategy execution or implementation.

Align For Momentum

Aligning organisational resources for strategy implementation is one of the most germane steps. Your employees’ goals must align with their team, departmental and organisational goals.

We use OKRs as the preferred goal management framework for strategy implementation. We bring the requisite repertoire to help you make OKRs a way of life. Creating a transparent and engaged system includes critical activities such as

  • Creating a buy-in from people across the board
  • Training your leaders and teams on OKRs and supporting skills
  • Establishing visible cross-functional dependencies
  • Validating OKRs
  • Ensuring the top-down and bottom-up approach
  • Choosing and Implementing the right technology

Track Check

Implementing OKRs is by far the most crucial aspect of this framework. This means working with leaders to establish ownership and role-model execution from the top. We take pride in making things simple. Using a phased-out incremental execution plan not only makes it easy for you but also provides an opportunity to learn quickly and improve.

The efficacy of execution within the OKR framework depends on choosing the right cadence. This includes key activities such as all-hands meetings, regular progress reviews, check-ins and a fair system of tracking and grading progress. We assist you in using the CFR (Coaching-Feedback-Reinforce) methodology by coaching and co-reviewing these critical activities.

Build Sustainability

Our unique Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model ensures we are with you every step of the way. Our ongoing support systems will provide you with the necessary Tsūrukitto (Toolkit) including the OKR Implementation Guide, Meeting Templates, Job Descriptions for OKR Champions (North Stars), OKR Assimilation Guides for new joinees, OKR Checklists and FAQs for teams. We also offer support during the quarter-end wrap-ups in the initial stages until you are confident to take over yourself.



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