Organisation Development

Tying People, Structures & Systems Together

Organizational structures, systems and processes influence employee behavior and motivation. At Seven People Systems, we take take pride in our science-based approach that helps clients build their capacity to change and achieve greater organizational effectiveness.

Like every individual needs development, organizations need to develop too. The purpose of OD is to enable an organization to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances.

Our years of work in OD has resulted in improved financial performance, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and an increased capacity to adapt and renew our client organization.

Organizational Design & Restructuring

Organizational redesign is often needed with change in the size, scale, nature and environment of the business. Re-sizing the hierarchy or adding more layers, adopting a matrix structure or cross-functional squads, revising the job descriptions and redefining departmental roles – are all covered in organizational restructuring exercises.

Our years of experience across multiple industries, globally, will help you with an appropriate restructuring strategy. Planning changes to your organizational structure that may result in adding new positions, eliminating or reducing existing positions, significantly changing work assignment, and/or modifying reporting relationships for current employees. Such changes can result in the need to:

  • Re-align Goals and Roles within your organisation.
  • Adjust compensation (upward or downward).
  • Change of position titles.
  • Add, modify or reduce employees to fit the new organisation design.

We can help you review the factors affecting your need for restructuring, including your reorganization plan, before-and-after organizational charts and proposed job descriptions for new positions.We can also support you with change management and communication planning before, during and after the restructuring.



Organizational Design & Restructuring

Agile Performance Management System™ (APMS)

  • How can a company be #1 in the market if 70% its people are forced to be mediocre (3-Raters)?
  • How can you go about replacing your archaic performance management system?
  • How can you do away with the bell curve strategy to reward people?

Are these questions you have been riddled with, over time?

Many organisations across the world like GE, Cargill, Eli Lilly, Adobe, Accenture, Google, etc. have redefined the way they manage employee performance.

Our state of the art, Agile Performance Management System™ (APMS) can turn around your company’s performance within months of implementation with tangible results and a completely energised workforce. We deploy our Agile Change Management framework using OKRs to help you create pure or hybrid models that suit your organisation culture and industry.




Policies & SOPs Design

Are you a start-up looking at HR policies for your organisation? Are you an existing company looking at formulating contemporary HR policies for your millennial employees?

Your HR policies and practices need to be as constructive as your company culture. Employee friendly and strategically aligned HR Policies play an invaluable role in establishing the organization as a “great place to work”. If you dish out HR policies of yesteryears for the workforce of today, you may very well end up with a disengaged and disgruntled workforce.

We are experts not only in designing and formulating such policies but also in implementing and getting expected change in overall system.


Agile Competency Framework™ (ACF)

Job Competencies are the backbone of talent management systems in your organisation. Competency frameworks, when done well, can increase clarity around performance expectations and establish a clear link between individual and organisational performance. By following our Agile Competency Framework™, we can design job competencies for your organisation in quick turnaround times.

Our Agile Competency Framework can implement three different competency models, including Organisational Competencies or Role Specific Competencies or Hybrid competencies.

Our approach is not insulated from your organisation’s strategy, people agenda, culture and systems. Our job family framework is designed to create a future-proof competency framework that helps you align all you people practices like hiring, performance management, training, development and succession planning.


Try Our Highly Researched & Ready-to-Use Role Competency Packs

HRBP Competencies

B2B Sales Competencies

B2C Sales Competencies

Finance BP Competencies

Agile Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

The idea of leadership has changed over time. The ever-changing marketplace requires a new definition of leadership – one that is more inclusive, less control-centric, led by purpose and empathy. Our Agile Leadership Development Program is focused on building leadership competencies that are needed to succeed in today’s business environment.

Our journey-based, gamified Agile Leadership Development Program helps your buddying leaders get the tools and skills needed using blended, action-learning based development that is completely customised to your needs. We have helped Fortune 500 companies across the globe in intensive development initiatives to enable leadership that matters.


Vision-Mission-Values-Purpose Design

Breathe life into your organisation with a powerful vision which answers the key question about why it exists and what mission it serves to accomplish. Developing a purpose, vision, mission and values is the foundation for long term success, as explained by Collins & Porras in Built to Last.

Ever-changing goal posts, conflicting priorities and agendas of employees can easily steer your organisation away from achieving its objectives. Therefore, it is critical for a company to have a clear vision and supporting values.

Our VMV Workshop has been designed to inspire employees and aims at driving organisational growth. The outcome expected from the VMV Workshop is for your people to gain clarity about the purpose of your organisation and their expected contribution towards achieving organisational goals.




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