Behavioural Event Interview Hiring Skills Training

Virtual BEI Certificate Program

Behavioural Event Interview Hiring Skills Training

Our world class Interviewing Skills Training - BEI Certificate Program brings you cutting edge interviewing skills hosted by world class facilitators.

High Performance Teams, Diversity and inclusion  happen when you learn how to hire the right people, to start with.

Training on the right interviewing skills and techniques can help you hire the right talent—while eliminating bias and saving on wrong hires. With millennials entering the workforce, it’s a great time to upgrade your interview skills.

Our Behavioural Event Interview Hiring Skills Training provides practical strategies for planning and conducting job interviews. Seven People Systems is a business leader in HR Education. Our world-class program helps you remove the guesswork from hiring by teaching you how to conduct competency based interviews using the Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI) technique.

Virtual Training Format

Course Duration: 2 Days

4 sessions x 4 hours or 2 Sessions x 8 hours Based on your needs

Blended Learning

Curated Content

Pre-Work Online Learning, Practice Sessions, Cases, Pop Quiz & Course End Exam

Digital Credentialing

Credly Badges

Digitally Authenticated Blockchain-Ready credentialing from CREDLY

Interviewing Skills
Interviewing Skills Training
Course Overview
1. Introduction to Interviewing Skills

Introduction to the rationale and intent of Competency Based Interviewing

2. Introduction to Behaviors

Using D.I.S.C Profile as an aide in the hiring process

3. BEI Framework

Principles and framework of Behavioral Event Interviewing

4. Understanding Competencies

Differentiating between functional & behavioral competencies

5. Preparing for Interviews

Reading a job description and preparing BEI Questions prior to interviews

6. Conducting Interviews

Practice conducting interviews using the S-A-R technique.

7. Candidate Evaluation

Calibrating on candidate evaluations using evidence scales

8. Mock Panel Interview

Conducting a mock panel interview using real-play

9. Implementation

Creating a road-map to implement BEI Interviews at your workplace

Clients We Have Works With
Target Participants
Who is this course for?
1. CHROs

Heads of Human Resources functions

2. Hiring Managers

HR Professionals involved in conducting interview

3. Line Managers

Various line managers involved in decision making & interviewing

4. Talent Acquisition Team

Specific members of talent acquisition teams

5. OD Professional

Members of the OD Team responsible for designing and deploying assessment and development centers

6. Academicians

Professionals in the field of education

Course Giveaways
Learning Resources

E-Learning Modules

Course Duration: 12 Hours

e-learning modules including videos, quizzes, fluidbooks, etc.

Course Workbook

Participant Manual

PDF version of participant workbooks and handouts

BEI Ready Reckoner

BEI Interview Guide

BEI competency based interview questions across 23 Universal Competencies



9am - 5pm