DNA® 25 – Talent Assessment

DNA® 25 – Talent Assessment

Assessing talent is the bedrock of talent management. From selection to performance management and ultimately career and succession planning, talent assessment cannot be ignored. The TTI DNA® is a 14-page report that examines a person’s level of development in 25 business-related competencies. The report ranks the individual’s “Competencies Hierarchy” from the most developed competency to the least developed competency.

Seven People Systems is associated with Target Training International – Success Insights, USA. TTI-SI has been on the cutting edge of the assessment solutions industry since 1984. For over thirty years, TTI-SI helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees, organizations and management teams. Here are some fast facts about TTI.

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The TTI – DNA®25 was created to simplify and refine more complex and cumbersome competency models. When creating a competency framework with this model, the same 25 competencies are applicable to any position.

What changes each time is the hierarchy of importance and the extent to which each skill needs to be developed. Thus, the DNA model simplifies your development framework to highlight only the most important factors that affect a person’s success in their current (or future) role and only focus on the development of those skills which will have the highest payoff.


DNA™ 25 competencies

Appreciating Others
Conceptual Thinking
Conflict Management
Continuous Learning
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Focus
Decision Making
Employee Development
Futuristic Thinking
Goal Orientation
Influencing Others
Interpersonal Skills
Personal Accountability
Planning & Organising
Problem Solving
Project Management
Time & Priority Management
Understanding Others


The TTI DNA® profile is available in several report versions, each designed to support your initiatives and help you achieve your desired results. All our tools have been designed with flexibility, practicality, and multiple uses in mind. This means you can invest once in the right profile and use it throughout the employee life cycle to maximize your investment. As a single-science report, TTI DNA® explores competencies ONLY. There are three sets of reports in the TTI Success Insights® DNA series, including:

DNA Selection/Coaching Reports DNA Comparison Reports DNA Job Profiles

A report that comprehensively explores a person’s "competency hierarchy" with detailed graphs and verbiage that can be used in the selection process or in coaching/development work.


A set of reports to visually display personal reports against a benchmark — for example, in the selection process to see how closely someone matches the benchmark.


Providing a validated way to profile the unique positions in any business and determine the "ideal" mix of competencies for a superior performer. We refer to this as "Position Benchmarking".




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