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DISC Certification Training, Now Virtual

World’s #1 DISC Certification Training Online!  Strengthen your role in your organization by learning how to truly understand behaviors and people issues. TTI, Success Insights and Talent Metrix bring you the most valid and popular DISC Assessment, globally. Success Insights is voted the top 20 Assessments Company globally by Training Industry.

The DISC model provides a universal language of observable human behavior used by people to better their understand themselves and those they interact with, furthermore utilizing this knowledge to reduce conflict and enhance working relationships. DISC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DISC model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Compliance. DISC is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to behave and interact with others.

The DISC Certification creates a common language and a self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others. The online DISC questionnaire takes only 15 minutes to complete. The assessment reports can be customized for all levels of the organization. The body of knowledge and skills provided by DISC Certification also allows you to help leaders build their Emotional Quotient by helping them increase self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and social management.

DISC Certification
Why Get Certified on DISC?

Today HR is being increasingly challenged by stakeholders and partners to be an effective business partner, adding visible and measurable value, and proactively contributing to the growth of the business’ bottom line.

In order to meet this challenge, HR professionals must have a strong and thorough understanding of people and behaviors, be comfortable in using behavioral language and be able to present convincing cases in support of any HR/Training/Capability Development initiatives that must be in alignment with the business’ and strategic goals.

By getting certified in DISC, you will be able to truly elevate both your own role as well as HR within your organisation. This workshop covers behavioral concepts, which all HR professionals need to grasp. The workshop also focuses on how to understand and use behaviors critical to your own HR.

DISC is useful for managers and team leaders as well. Conflict management, employee engagement and productivity, enhanced communication, hiring and team building are critical areas of applications of DISC.

What are the benefits of getting Certified on DISC?
  • Gain world-class recognition.
  • Help resolve conflict at work.
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Take the guesswork out of hiring.
  • Build better teams.
  • Improve collaboration.
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships.
Who should attend the DISC Certification Program?
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Managers
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Manager of People
  • CEO / CXOs
  • Hiring Managers
  • Academicians

Calendar 2020-2021

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) – DISC Certification Virtual Training Calendar.

21 Nov. 2020 (Open For Registration)
30 Jan. 2021 (Open For Registration)
27 Feb. 2021 (Open For Registration)
27 Mar. 2021 (Open For Registration)
24 Apr. 2021 (Open For Registration)
29 May 2021 (Open For Registration)
26 Jun. 2021 (Open For Registration)
Hurry, Limited Seats! Register for the upcoming certification program on 21 Nov. 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions - DISC Certification

Is DISC a Personality Tool?

No. DISC is a behavioral assessment. Its non-judgmental and universal in its application. DISC only assess how you prefer to behave and emote and what your preferred style of communication.

Is DISC a Test?

DISC is not a test. Its a non-judgmental assessment of your preferred behaviors and emotions. There are no right or wrong answers in DISC. Each style has its own strengths and limitations. Its not what style you have, its what you do with that style that matters.

How to apply DISC?

To apply DISC, you first need to learn what DISC is and what DISC is NOT. The next step involves learning and understanding the different types of behavioral styles, their similarities, and differences. Increasing you self-awareness makes you understand how others perceive you based on your style. After having understood your own style, you proceed to identify the primary behavior styles of other people. Lastly, you learn to adapt your own behaviors and modify interactions with other people. DISC teaches you to embrace your own behavior style as well as that of others for enhanced and improvised communication and relationships.

Who is the Certifying Body?

The Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) – DISC Certification is offered by (TTI, SI) Target Training International, Success Insights USA. TTI, SI, USA is the first organisation to make DISC computerized way back in 1984.

Why get certified by us?

While there are many versions of DISC out there in the market, our DISC version comes with one of the highest validities. Success Insights DISC Reports have been used by Fortune 500 Companies across the globe. We are industry pioneers in DISC Certification & Assessments with the highest standards of certification.

What’s the Certification Process

The DISC Certification Training (CPBA) is a world class certification program that qualifies you to practice DISC using our time-tested framework.
1. Once you register for the course, you will be given pre-work to be completed that involves getting ready for your training. This includes you taking your own DISC Assessment.
2. You are then invited to attend the virtual training session along with your DISC Report.
3. Once your training is complete, you will be required to take an online examination to test your knowledge and skills acquired. You need to score a minimum 80% in order be certified.
4. Once you complete your certification process, you receive the CPBA title that you can use as a suffix with your name.
5. The course offers you participant materials, Your DISC Assessment, templates and other materials that will come handy when you practice DISC.
6. You are also invited to join the DISC Practitioner’s Community on LinkedIn where you receive and share regular updates about DISC.

What does this certification allow me to do?

The CPBA Certification (DISC) by TTI, Success Insights allows you to practice DISC within your organisation or with your clients (if you are a coach or consultant). This certification allows to to conduct orientation sessions on DISC, Coach & Training People on various competencies using DISC profiles, use DISC to assist you in the Hiring Process, Conduct Team Building Sessions using DISC.

However, you are not licensed to certify others through this program

Can I pay through a Bank Transfer or Credit Card?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. We also accept bank transfers.



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