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Seven People Systems brings you The Digital Learning Hub by Hemsley Fraser. A platform for total employee engagement. For the eleventh consecutive year, global learning and development organization, Hemsley Fraser, has been named a Leadership Training Top 20 Company by Training Industry Inc, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders.

Hemsley Fraser’s Digital Hub has been a key driver for its growing success. The hub allows for content and learning to feel like a natural part of every business, creating impressive engagement rates of up to 97 per cent.

HF Digital Hub What is the Digital Hub?

The Hub provides access to our core learning content anytime, anywhere and on any device! More than a 150 course titles across Management, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Life Skills, Team Performance and Technical Skills, we cover it all.

The Digital Hub platform helps organisations quickly drive engagement through learning and communications. It provides engaging experiences - anytime, anywhere, anyhow – designed to drive to your goals.

Currently used by 500,000 employees around the globe, with engagement rates of up to 97%.


The Digital Hub includes many different types of learning asset. Plus, to enhance this, you can add your own learning assets, YouTube videos, TED talks and communications. This can then be curated into millions of different playlists. So at the touch of a button, you can build unique learning experiences. 

The HF Digital Hub includes thousands of digital learning assets that can be used to create online and blended learning experiences, as well as an engaging user interface for business updates, key leadership messages, and knowledge management sharing.

The technology allows L&D teams instantly to create their very own learning playlists. Once the playlists are built, they can be sent to different groups in the organisation. The Hub can be integrated with an LMS so that users get a sleek experience. A huge benefit is the data and analytics that can be viewed on the Hub. Crucially, L&D use this data to understand learning trends and needs of the organisation.



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