Agile Leadership Assessment

What is Agile Leadership Assessment?

Agile Leadership Assessment (Agile Leadership Quotient) is a world class assessment meant for companies that what to assess their leaders for being agile-ready. For most organizations today, operating in the VUCA environment requires becoming more agile in order to manage change. One of the keys to make your organization truly agile is for its leaders to develop new mind-sets and capabilities.

Those making the transition successfully are achieving exponential growth, enhanced profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. The Agile Leadership Quotient is a unique assessment that uses predictive science to help you assess your Agile Leadership Quotient, so you can take the guess-work away. The Agile Leadership Quotient has many overlaps with Emotional Intelligence and helps leaders build their Emotional Quotient.

Seven People Systems works closely with Chally Assessments to bring you a world-class, highly researched assessment to build your leadership capability for the 21st Century.

Agile Leadership Quotient

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What does the Agile Leadership Quotient measure?

The Agile Leadership Quotient (ALQ) measures 12 core leadership competencies that are critical for success. This assessment uses predictive science which helps you in a variety of scenarios from succession planning to hiring and even leadership development.

Developing future-ready leaders is critical Organization Development exercise and assessing agile-readiness is a great start to it.

Learning Agility
Innovation Excellence
Timely Decisions
Result Orientation
Risk Taking
Strategic Visioning

What are the benefits of assessing your Agile Leadership Quotient?

Culture of learning & experimentation.

Increased collaboration.

Better results through ownership.

Creating / reinforcing an agile mindset.

How do I use Agile Leadership Quotient at work?

With an array of applications for your best leadership talent, the Agile Leadership Quotient supports you in all your leadership needs.

Agile Leadership Quotient



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