Nikhil Maini

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence!

Using S.C.A.R.F to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (Self-Awareness & Self-Control) The latest in neuroscience dictates our neurobiology is key to our behavior & how we, as leaders, can improve our Emotional Intelligence. Research in neuroscience tells us that our neurobiology is what drives our behavior and defines how we, as leaders, make meaning, solve problems, […]
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Unconscious Bias - Listening

Listen Without Prejudice

3 Unconscious Biases That Prevent Leaders from Truly Listening to Understand Today I am going to share the 3 unconscious biases that prevent leaders from truly listening to understand. Before we get to it, first let me share a little about what I mean by listening versus listening to understand. Whilst listening, we are gathering […]
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Agile Leadership

What is Agile Leadership Quotient?

Agile Leadership Quotient is a world class assessment meant for companies that what to assess their leaders for being agile-ready. For most organizations today, operating in the VUCA environment requires becoming more agile. One of the keys to make your organization truly agile is for its leaders to develop new mind-sets and capabilities.
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